The Program

© Zone Control Achievement Program

1. Introduction to Lean

– Learn the basics of lean, it’s history, tools, “the eight waste” and what companies gain from implementing lean

2. Building a Cultural where Continuous Improvement Thrives

– 90% of change is through people, 10% through tools, compare and contrast mental models and learn how Toyota successfully develops a culture of continuous improvement in all their plants.

3. On-site kaizen selection visit

– Consult with student and his/her leaders to develop a meaningful, achievable kaizen, one that is aligned with company A3 objectives.

4. Kaizen & Continuous Improvement
– Learn about an effective, sustainable, company-wide continuous improvement system and time tested rules for kaizen

5. Five S and Standardization

– These are not so simple, are critical to successfully implementing lean and need careful focus. Learn how to and how not to effectively achieve 5S and work standardization.

6. Visual Tools and Zone Control

-Learn the eight building blocks to make the implicit, explicit and what it takes to control a zone

7. On-site mid-kaizen coaching and mentoring

– An “audit” of the zone of control then assistance with any “gaps”. Meet with leaders to discuss the status and any issues that may exist.
8. A3 Thinking / Kaizen status class report / peer review, group discussion

– Simplifying is difficult, A3 thinking is learned and powerful. Students will present their A3 status to their peers.

9. On-site Zone Control/Kaizen audit for achievement